Angkor Wat (អង្គរវត្ត)


Those ruins look like it came straight out of a scene from Tomb Raider. Didn’t cost a bomb to travel around here though. I literally had $100 USD on me for the whole trip. So here’s how it went.  Continue reading “Angkor Wat (អង្គរវត្ត)”


Hạ Long Bay (Hà Nội)


This UNESCO World Heritage Site needs no introduction. Located in Hanoi, North Vietnam, Ha Long Bay is actually not really that far away from the Little Red Dot i live in. Still, i find it strange at times that many of my peers find it rather intimidating to visit or that it appears out of reach because honestly, yes, it can be done, and it’s not that hard to get around once you’re there. I recommend spending a total of 4 days for the whole trip. Take a Friday flight up (it will take you a day’s worth of travel though), and be back in your bedroom by Monday evening. If you still have enough annual leaves to clear for the year, of course.

Direct flights are available from SIN-HAN, with an estimated flight time of 5 hours 25 mins. Continue reading “Hạ Long Bay (Hà Nội)”

Nara Park (奈良公園)


Nestled somewhere to the east of the city of Osaka, Nara Park has already gotten its fair share of publicity, courtesy of the Japanese tourism authority. It is located in the Nara perfecture, a place brimming with history and known for being the first Capital of Japan. So what exactly does Nara Park have to offer aside from the temples and numerous historical treasures? Deer.

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Koh Si Chang (เกาะสีชัง)


I’ll keep this one short. The trip was actually for a photoshoot at an island resort called Paree Hut; well known to the Thais but hardly heard of to everyone else. It will set you back around $140-170 SGD per night if you wish to stay in the resort. The prices fluctuate according to the demand for the rooms on the dates you plan to visit. It’s pretty tough getting to the island unless you take a cab there (which will set you back by abut 1000 baht), so here’s a step-by-step if you’re keen. That said, its inaccessibility is also why you will enjoy so much privacy. It’s well worth the hassle for a quiet weekend you can’t get in most other places.

Still not intimidated? Continue reading “Koh Si Chang (เกาะสีชัง)”

Mũi Né (HCMC)


Alright how do I put this. Say someone comes up with a new profile photo, shot in the middle of some desert, complete with the sun setting behind giant sand dunes and all. You’d probably think he/she’s been on a recent trip to say Dubai, maybe? Nope. We’re still in South East Asia. Say hello to Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh City, to be clear). Caught your attention yet?

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Phu Chi Faa (ภูชี้ฟ้า)


I’ll kick this off with a tribute to Thailand. The land of a thousand smiles. I thought I’d start off with the (less explored) sois of Bangkok and thereabouts, but i’ll save that for another day. This post is about a place tucked away in the Northern territory, Chiang Rai to be precise, and a relatively little known mountain peak known to the locals as ‘Phu Chi Faa’, which roughly translates to ‘Mountain point (to) Sky”, quite literally. You’ll understand why when you see it. Keen? Continue reading “Phu Chi Faa (ภูชี้ฟ้า)”



Who you reading?

Honestly i’m just your average Singaporean struggling with the concept of adulthood well into his twenties. Like, really average. Blessed with the chance to travel whilst still (relatively) young and able, I chose to live out the remainder of my youth doing what I like to do more often that what society demands that I do, i.e; travelling and photography as opposed to paying for a degree I might not use.

Repercussions, repercussions. Ok that comes later.

That said, let’s dive in.

Say what?

As aforementioned, you know those ‘Top 10 places you should visit’ posts you always read while travelling from Punggol MRT to your workplace in Jurong East? (Or wherever it is that you’re residing in/ working at) well, seeing that I have the privilege to actually go to said places on a pretty regular basis due to the nature of my work, I thought why the hell not.

At the same time, I’m gonna try and throw in other places of potential interest that might appeal to like-minded individuals residing in and around Singapore (and possibly Malaysia) that won’t cost a fortune to visit. Exempli Gratia: Ever heard of Sam Pan Bok? Neither had I till recently. I’ll post it up with all the details once I’ve gone. It’s a beautiful canyon tucked away in the eastern province of Ubon Ratchathani in Thailand.

I’ll also cover the more commonly known places that I’d recently been to, like Angkor Wat (that’s where that picture was taken ^), Bangkok, Bali, etcetera.

Heck. I’ll just throw in a bunch of whatever places i’ve been to and advise you on how to spend your money. All good? Happy Monday!